Values Education as a Key to Nation Building

The only subject integrated to all other subjects is the Values Education. Every education student is familiar with the term “tabula rasa” by John Locke which means blank or empty slate. As an individual came into this world, his/her mind is empty and whatever you will fill that young mind will most likely he become. If we will raise a values oriented youngster, then we can expect a good citizens, and good leaders that will help the country achieve its prosperity.

Can you still notice children being polite and bless older people getting their hands into his forehead? A value that was passed on by some other parents to their children as a sign of respect. Can you still see values oriented programs on the television? How about observing the famous quote “the family that prays together stays together”.

Look around and observe our future generation. They are all busy on their mobile phone. Isn’t it good that children play? developing their psycho social skills? but ofcourse with restriction because its pandemic. Observe that our children is inactive at home sitting and lying down to bed the whole day, also spending time browsing and scrolling all social media platforms. I am alarmed that I am hearing children loudly speak bad words. Maybe they hear it from their parents. What we show will be immitated. We are letting our children watch those violent and harsh tv program in primetime even we see that the rating is not suitable to children. This kind of situation makes it difficult for Teachers to mold the young mind.

Values education should start at home by parents teaching their children with proper behavior, manners, and right attitude towards other people. If we will continue to ignore this reality, we will suffer for so many years.

No matter what the situation be. I always believe in hope. People is dynamic. As long a we touch the heart, a change can be expected. It’s a challenge to both parents on how they are willing to inculcate values to their children and Teachers to be consistent in instilling the right values in each and every students.


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