Gigi De Lana Puts a Gigi Vibes Spell on Me

Gigi De Lana is a female vocalist here in the Philippines. She has her You tube channel where she create covers of various songs. She was a contestant from the hit segment of the show “Tawag ng Tanghalan” of ABS-CBN. I started watching her from that show too and eventually subscribed to her channel. Right before the viral video of her doing the cover of the song Bakit nga ba mahal kita, I used to visit her channel just to remove stress from everyday pressure of life. For me, her voice is so amazing. A lot of foreigners reacted to her covers making it more viral. Checking her channel yesterday made me realized that this lady puts a spell on me. It’s funny that I listened to one song for 6 hours over an over again. I really like her version of the song “Piano in the Dark”. I loved the beat, the vibe and the musicality she and her band put on it. As in up until now I would like to listen to it. That 9 minute video where she just sung the hit renditions of the singer Nina. She undoubtedly made a lot of Filipino proud, especially her fans. I love her all through out the video but from 05:15 until the end is crazy!


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