How I Passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers

If you are a Teacher, It is really essential for you to pass the LET because this will open a lot of opportunity for you. Few months before I graduate, I am thinking all my plans to apply in a private school and teach right away and also plans to take the licensure examination.

Have you heard the quote “Failure to prepare is the preparation to failure.” But preparation means preparing all the dimension of an individual. Emotionally, Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and Financially. If you miss to prepare to one aspect, then you are not prepared to pass. I graduated May of 2019 but I was offered a teaching position in a private school right before I graduate. On February 28,2019 I was already hired this is because I take my preparation seriously. I was sure that I will teach in the month of June of 2019. But how do I prepare for LET? I don’t have money as I just graduated and was just starting to build my career. Well, the Lord will guide you and He will direct your path. I was scrolling on my facebook news feed when I read that Carl Balita is celebrating his 48th birthday and would want to give a birthday scholarship to 48 reviewees. By the way Carl Balita is the owner of the most formidable review center in the country offering review for the licensure for professionals like Teachers, Nurses, Accountants, etc. This review center is also the home of the topnochers in different field. And because I knew that this is an answered prayer, I sent my entry and fortunately chosen to be one of his scholars. The review then started in June 2019 which means that I will teach and review at the same time. I am very sure that I will take the LET September of 2019. I have 3 months to prepare!

The school year of 2019-2020 came. It is not easy that you are working from monday to friday, and you will review saturday and sunday! But if you want to pass you must endure. Preparation also means endurance, not to mention everynight I read, read, and read. The benefit is that I already has the advantage because I am already teaching which means I am also learning. Teaching is also reviewing. For teachers like me who has a specialization, we do have three exams to pass the LET. The General Education, The Professional Education and the Majorship. For examinees who are reviewing in a review center, It’s also an advantage because you have a systematic way of reviewing. I know some friends who are self reviewing and still they passed, again it is all about preparation. Some may say, it is also luck but for me those who work hard for their craft will have a higher chance that luck will be in favor of them.

When I say systematic, we started reviewing General Education wherein all the examinees regardless of specialization will take this test. For me this is the easiest part of LET. I also had my highest rating in this test among the three. Its a month of review for this test before we jumped into the Professional Education. This for me is the toughest, It involves analyzation that you should keep in mind the welfare of the learners. If you are the type of teacher that is self centered then you may fail this test. This test is designed as a learner centered exam so you better be a kind teacher to your students. For majorship, it is also important for you to get a good rating here because this is 40% of your rating. Fortunately Carl Balita Review Center made it easy for me as a math major to develope a quick way of solving problems. I was confident that I did a good performance for Gen Ed and Majorship but not in Prof Ed. I can still remember when I took the exam, I was already in item number 20 realizing that I still have no sure correct answer. But I just undelined keywords and match it with the choices beginning question number 21.

The agony of waiting for the result is stressful. I thought of embarrassment if I fail because a lot of people know that I took the exam and most of my friends believed in my capacity. It’s quite ironic that other people believe that you can pass but you are having self-doubt.

The long wait is over. I can still remember the moment when someone chat me to say congrats. I can’t still believe him I would need to see with my own eyes that my name is included on the list. And yes! I passed! I jumped around our house screaming I passed the LET. If it is the right time, if you are ready then it will be yours.


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