FB Messenger Quiz with Score!

Did you know?

You can create quizzes using Facebook messenger and give them straight to your student. This is fun and easy way to engage your student in this time of pandemic. Minimize your work. Chatbot can give the result of the quiz real time, saving much time for teachers. You also have the power to close the examination anytime you want.

If you are a teacher who would like to try this feature, you have two options:

Let me create your Quiz, Provide me the questions and the answer key and I will set this up for you. You need a Facebook page and create me as an admin so I could set up the quiz. Once created, you can direct your students to take the quiz on your page. I charge a small fee of P100 per quiz.

Take my course and learn how to create this on your own. I will provide video tutorial and a pdf document as a guide. I also charge a fee for this service. It’s P300. This course will enable you to create multiple quizzes. You also need a page and you can direct your students to take the quiz on your page. I will send all the files through email.

This is a Payment first policy. Payments can be sent through GCash

Name: Joseph Panes

Number: 09194826701

Once paid, Fill-out the form below. Include the following in your message:

Payment amount, Reference number and date of payment. Also include the fb link of your page.