Teacher Ranking Experience

As some of you already know. I applied for a Teacher 1 position in public school particularly in the Division of San Jose del Monte in Bulacan. Hiring guideline is covered by DepEd Order No. 7, s. 2015. This is a pointing system with the following criteria:

Criteria Points

Education 20
Teaching Experience 15
LET/PBET Rating 15
Specialized Training and Skills 10
Interview 10
Demonstration Teaching 15
Communication Skills 15
Total 100

An applicant should obtain atleast 70 points to be listed in the RQA (Registry of Qualified Applicants).

I was interviewed online and my teaching demonstration was recorded due to pandemic. The English
Proficiency Test which was the basis of communication skills was computer based. We went to a testing center for this one. Hiring process would take time to complete, you need a lot of patience while waiting for the result. And I guess Teacher applicants should be wise not to be unemployed during those waiting time. I have seen a lot of applicants waiting without realizing that they lost income because of their resignation in the private school. Things are tough especially during pandemic so we should secure our income for a living. Going back to the ranking process, I was able to make it to the RQA list but things are still uncertain. Even if you are listed, It is not a guarantee that the position will be given to you. It would all depend on the vacancy. The division office may call to offer a Substitute or a Permanent position offer. The permanent offer is better, but if they will give me a substitute position that will be fine for me.

As for me, 3 days after our school year ended. I was able to find an online job as a Virtual Assistant for a client based in UK. I also do math tutoring to increase my income potential. I am earning pretty high than my salary in private school and I am happy with it. I never lost income and I am ready to accept the call from the Department of Education.


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